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UT Genomics Core


The DNA Genomics Core (Sanger Capillary Sequencing part) has moved into the new Mossman building.  We are housed on the 3rd floor, room 347.  We are to your immediate right upon exiting the elevator.  We now have a receiving room 347C separate from the main lab where you will be dropping off your samples.  This room may be available for use after hours in the future.  There will be pipets, tips, gloves, reagents, and invoice sheets for you to use when you arrive as usual.  Also, if you need any DNA or RNA bioanalysis, you will also come here.  I will be happy to do those for you as needed.  The Guava flow cytometer is also housed in this Mossman facility for your use.  If you have any questions, please come on back and find Joe in the main lab or call us here at 974-6231.

The Next-Gen side has moved into the CEB in the Science and Engineering building where Veronica Brown will be responsible for processing your Next-Gen sequencing requests.

Presently, we are in between buildings as the Mossman building hasn’t quite gotten our electrical needs worked out, but we will be receiving and performing sequencing reactions there.

Please drop by and check out our new digs!

The University of Tennessee (UT) Genomics Core is a core facility that provides DNA and RNA sequence analysis and training. 

Specific service include

  1. High-throughput sequencing of DNA (amplicon sequencing, shotgun metagenome sequencing, small genomes)
  2. High-throughput sequencing of RNA (whole transcriptome shotgun sequencing, RNASeq)
  3. Consultation and teaching on high-throughput sequencing approaches
  4. SNP/fragment analysis
  5. Sanger sequencing (DNA)

The main function of the Genomics Core is to serve UT students and faculty, but our services are also available to researchers outside of UT. Core facility staff is available for consultation and training, including project design.

Support for the UT Genomics Core is provided through the College of Arts and Science, University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture, Center for Environmental Biotechnology, and Office of Research and Engagement

The flagship campus of the University of Tennessee System and partner in the Tennessee Transfer Pathway.